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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Quint’s Airplane Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated my sweet baby boy's first birthday.

Quint is a 5th. His Granddaddy (the 3rd) is a pilot and Allen's (the 4th) degree is in Aerospace, so it was only fitting that Quint have an Airplane party. It was a small affair, with only immediate family, but I tried to throw in a few special touches.

Figures, we got busy and didn't end up with all the fabby pictures I envisioned. Never-the-less, here are a few from the day!

The Invitations. I saw this little airplane and liked the looks of him, so I used him several times throughout the party.

I wanted a wreath for the front door that fit in the theme, so I hit the fabric store and picked up 4 or 5 coordinating prints for this Rag Wreath. Very easy, but I will warn you that it takes a few hours to do all that tying! At the last minute I decided to add the Happy Birthday bunting and was glad I did.

I also hung a coordinating Photo bunting behind our table displaying the pictures we've taken on Quint's Month Birthdays the past year. It's fun to see him change and grow with the seasons and I knew the Grandparents would enjoy seeing them all together.

In keeping with the theme, I had an in-flight snack station with peanuts and Biscoff cookies to serve as party favors. You will also notice the adorable party hat, which I got from this Etsy shop. She also made a coordinating bib and t-shirt – so so so cute! (I wish I could say I got some great pictures of Quint is his sweet outfit. In the chaos, it just didn't happen.)

Dinner was airplane themed. We had such offerings as Wings, Coach Chips, First Class Fruit and Departure Dips. You can't see our Jet Fuel area very well, but 5th Generation Airlines even had their own custom water bottle labels!

And, of course, the cake. Little Airplane made another appearance as our centerpiece, flying through the air on some cloudy fabric I used as a tablecloth.

Everything was so cute, even if the pictures aren't as great as I had hoped.

As you can tell, Quint really appreciated all the effort…

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